MONDAY MONEY MOTIVATION- jump start your busy week with high vibe energy work!

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  Now that you’ve got your sales goals in place with The Goal Setting Sunday Worksheet,  you can now move on to the energy work!

Energy work is my favorite because no things are bad things inside this mind space. I know a lot of different people would describe energy work numerous ways, but for me it’s simply getting my mindset, confidence, and beliefs inline with what I desire to make a reality this week. I align with my soul filling purpose and the passion that drives everything I will do and say for the week. It’s a fantastic way to be present with yourself, to check in throughout the day or week on how you’re feeling, to upkeep your mental wellness, AND above all it gets you super jazzed to get to work!

Since Monday is officially the day we all start to come out of hibernation on social media it’s the PERFECT DAY to boost your frequency, and get fucking motivated ESPECIALLY around all the money you will make this week. I understand that not everyone feels incredible about Monday and that is first mindset shift that needs to change. Mondays have always been gold for me. They’re a clean slate, they’re a brand new opportunity, they’re filled with potential, and it’s important you set yourself on the right track from the very first moments of the week so that you carry that through to work you do, and the life you want to live.

 You’re going to make a heaping pile of money this week, what’s not to love about Monday?  You have more control than you think and you’re in the driver's seat of your reality what’s not to love about Monday?

So if you’re not a big fan of Monday’s lets start there!

  • Why ? If you’re a business owner who has fully committed to your purpose and stepped into your passion you should absolutely be OBSESSED with Monday!

  • If the things you don’t love about Monday could be fundamentally changed to make you more a productive and positive person on this day- what would you do differently?

  • Would you rather take Monday off and work on a weekend day?

  • Would you consider outsourcing things that you despise doing on Monday?

  • What things could you incorporate into your schedule to make Monday more enjoyable?

  • What about your environment could change to make Mondays more desirable?

If you already love Monday and everything I said above then let’s move on to the energy work!

Your passion and purpose are the core of everything you do and that is what we will focus on today!

  •    What kind of difference do you want to make today in people's lives?

  •    What kind of difference do you want to make in yours?

  •    What amount of money do you decide to make today?

  •    What do you decide happens right now for the rest of day to make that happen?


See, sales and the energy/positivity to create those sales come from your purpose and passion. It comes from you honoring the quality of service you have to provide others. It comes from deciding you will have it, from believing you already do and feeling the feelings of that truth.

Imagine a Monday where you get to have everything you want! What would the perfect Monday look like for you?

  • How would you serve your passion and purpose?

  • How much money would you make?

  • How would you make it?

  • What would your message be to all your humans?

  • What would you have for lunch?

  • Where would you go?

  • What would you do?

  • Who would you do it with?
    Why would this make you the most unstoppable, successful, abundant, and happy human on earth?

  • Where would you choose to work from?
    How would you serve your humans?

  • How would you make sure you delivered some of your good vibes onto them?

  • How would you pay it forward?

  • How would you give back?

  • What would you wear?

  • What music is on this epic days playlist?

  • Who is owning their shit today?

Now go out there and make this your Monday!!  There is absolutely no reason I can think of if you are a healthy business owning person why you cannot get in on these vibes and raise that energy from the time you roll out of bed in the morning to the time you get back into it at night!

If you’re all ‘but, but’ with some excuses as to why this isn’t practical, I really want to challenge you to rethink practical. If this is what serves your soul and facilitates your highest frequency of soul filling work and soul filling joy, then why can’t it be this way? What can you do now to go into the week making sure more of this is actually happening, not just on Monday but every day.

Now, go out there and crush it! Sell more than you’ve ever sold and live your best life! Period!