I’m Amanda and this is me. Not my representative. Not my best professionally and polished image. My website, much like my coaching style, is very casual/artistic/simple because that’s what works for me, and if we work together I’ll implore you to find what really works for you!

Hooray House was founded in celebration of originality and finding the things that help you live your best life and run your most successful business!! Hint: it requires that you FIND YOURSELF + BE YOURSELF ALWAYS. Which means, when you join one of my COACHING PROGRAMS you’ll do work beyond listening and writing.

You’ll be asked to TAKE ACTION! To watch movies, read books, get outside, go places you’ve never been and do things you’ve never done. All in the name of getting inspired and finding that FIRE! A side effect of this is getting to know yourself better than you ever have!

You’ve most likely made it here because you’re in search of one, if not all, of the following things:

FRESH PERSPECTIVE - If you’re bored, uninspired, complacent, or lost in life and business you’re not alone! There are so many business owners dealing with this right now. A fresh perspective is an absolute game changer!! We (you and I) will relight that fire with a thorough cleanse of your mindset and energy! We will get you out of your four square walls! I want you to step away from learning from a chair behind a screen! It’s time to GET UP AND TAKE ACTION!  I will challenge you to not only break the rules but to smash them! We will turn everything upside down and inside out to help you get back in touch with what makes you happy, and how to consistently work from a place of soul filling joy!

INCREASED SALES - We will work on establishing a style of business building that works for you, helps you to grow, and cannot be confused with any other business on the planet. Selling works by connecting and growing a rock solid business reputation! We will disassemble and reassemble your business structure to optimize sales! Before I became a business coach I spent a decade overseeing the sales, marketing, and merchandising of more than 8 million dollars of apparel and accessories (an average of $700,000 sold annually) AND a team of employees. I want to see all my unstoppable humans and lovely business owning boss women develop their knowledge, strategy and mindset to take incredible ACTION to achieve the SALES GROWTH they desire!

LEADERSHIP MENTORING - You want to be a highly respected and motivational leader in your field! No matter if it’s just you working 1:1 with client's or overseeing and delegating to a full team, I can help you find a leadership style and presence that will make your people love doing business with you or working for you! No matter the problem I can help:

  • reinvigorate a staff that has lost motivation!

  • setup a clear internal brand culture for your team.

  • assist in hiring and interviewing new team members

  • reconnect you with your social media followers.

  • Establish yourself, your presence and your business reputation as to grab attention and earn loyalty within your industry.


I have several coaching programs available! I have short term group coaching programs ($99 - $1500+) and exclusive longer term 1:1 programs ($4,444+) . Please hit the button below to send me an email with your needs and budget! I, or someone on my team, will email you back a list of available dates and program options.

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I’ll admit that it’s unconventional. I want you to step away from learning from a chair behind a screen. You’ll be asked to get up and get out.

I’m going to challenge you to define what you like and who you are without the confinement of what is mainstream. I will ask you to question yourself and what you have accepted without that questioning up until now. You will push the boundaries of what you know to be true about your preferences and personality.

This is complete transformational liberation! If you have defined yourself in a closed box, on someone else’s terms, on society’s opinion/pressure to please them before yourself and live up to some overrated expectation… that all stops here!

I will ask you to watch movies, read books, attend events, travel, eat, cook, learn, socialize, volunteer all to grow and revive your passion. In my coaching programs anything is possible, there are no rules, anything can co-exist; science AND fiction, reality AND fantasy!

This is a complete perspective shift!

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 EMAIL  hoorayhouseblog@gmail.com  with any questions!

EMAIL hoorayhouseblog@gmail.com with any questions!

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