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This group coaching program is exclusively for boutique owners looking to maximize sales.

This EIGHT week program will take you through weekly lessons, live chats, and coaching from Amanda Fleischer, your retail expert and mentor. She’ll show you how to customize systems and strategies that work best for your customers, store, staff, and merchandise!

The program officially kicks off Sunday June 16th, 2019!! Given the time of year that it is we will be in FALL/WINTER prepartion. Amanda will be addressing how to set your store up for optimal success through Back To School and Holiday shopping seasons by planning NOW proactively.

Each week we will cover a new topic. Lessons and retail education include but are not limited to the following:

Mapping Your Success - evaluating routines, systems, processes and standards for better sales! Store experience and atmosphere- driving customer loyalty (repeat business) through brand reputation!

Tasking vs Selling. Prioritizing sales. Committing to a standards of operation so you can get back to servicing customers faster!

Planning your collections, trend forecasting and buying.

Seasonal hiring, training, and building team morale during a peak season.

Sales trending! Learn what products to focus on and stock up on for a successful peak season.

Retail management: learn how to break down the fundamentals of retail math, to develop your staff and an effective management team that is sales results driven, and customer service focused. Learn how to link results to behaviors, observe your staff and coach them when they’re on the sales floor.

Merchandising, marketing and silent selling! Driving sales through displays, signage and replenishing the sales floor.

Systems and strategies - implimenting new tools, resources, and routines for a consistent sales focus, goal setting and driving sales results consistently every day, as well as tracking and analyzing results! Linking results to beliefs and behaviors.

Amanda will show all of the development, accountability, mindset, strategies and systems that helped her run two privately owned retail businesses, as well as sell an average of $700,000 annually during her ten years of corporate retail management!

I’m so excited to see you there and help you sell more than you have ever sold!!!

xoxo, Amanda

Payment plans are available. Please contact Amanda and her team!

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