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Sell more products and maximize sales results with this comprehensive digital workbook and FOUR WEEK retail masterclass start JUNE 9th, 2019!

Learn how to take action, analyze results, impact sales growth and develop your management skills with 4 weeks of mentorship hosted by Amanda Fleischer- an experienced retail manager and owner who has spent over a decade owning and operating boutiques and corporate stores, selling both online and in person.

Week 1: Set for success. Learn how to proactively outline your week for maximized sales, goal set with intention, and create a sales strategy.

Week 2: Consistency. We’ll focus on how to be accountable to yourself and to hold other accountable. You’ll learn how to commit to a routine, and a standard of quality so you can grow a reliable brand that is trusted and respected by your industry and community.

Week 3: Planning. Selling online is just different than it is in person. It requires you to prepare in advance for how exactly you will get eyes on your products and traffic. We will take this week to talk about social media content, marketing, creating videos, and using your sales focus to know exactly what you’re promoting and why so you’re never caught winging it and losing sales because of a last minute low quality effort.

Week 4 Setting Standards: Keeping the backend of your store running like a well oiled machine is vital to cutting down on your overwhelm. We will develop operations standards, policies and procedures this week that keep everything running like clock work no matter if it’s you or a staff member running your business for the day, which give you more time to spend selling and or off enjoying life!

BONUS: Back To School Prep- 3 week course on preparing and maximizing sales for Back To School season that runs from late July to late October!

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