The Brand Maintenance Mastermind!

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Ready for an UpGrade_ Join here! (2).jpg

The Brand Maintenance Mastermind!

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Business On Fleek continues as we expand our focus outside of JUST social media and take a really hard look at our websites! All the marketing in the world won’t matter if our websites are confusing, clunky, overwhelming, and just not as crystal clear as they could be.

Well, THIS is where we get CRYSTAL CLEAR! The Brand Maintenance Mastermind is a 6 week group training guided by Amanda Fleischer- brand strategy specialist!! We will focus on creating a brand identity plan for your business that helps you improve how your website looks, communicates and helps your business grow!

Here are the topics for each week!

Week 1: Landing pages and about pages! How well are these two pages helping you build your brand recognition?

Week 2: Blogging! How is blogging helping you grow your website traffic? Did you know you could have a successful blog without ever writing a word?

Week 3: Social icons and opt ins! How is your website driving traffic back to your social media? How is your website helping you grow your email list?

Week 4: Effective design! How useful and thoughtful is the atmosphere and mood you have created on your website? How is it helping you build a loyal client base?

Week 5: Passive Income! How are you using your website to sell items/ services that make you a passive income?

Week 6: Brand Maintenance and planning for the future! What is your business identity upkeep plan for the long term? How will you continue to stay consistent and cohesive beyond this six week training?

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