December Development Bootcamp!

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WORK WITH ME (11).jpg

December Development Bootcamp!


December is almost here and for the final leg of 2018 we’re focusing on ROCKING OUR DECEMBER SALES GOALS + Planning for an epic start to 2019!

This is 4 week group coaching program. You will get weekly 1:1 chat/voice support touchbase coaching calls with me and weekly group coaching prompts, discussions, activities (because it’s all about getting up and getting out around here), and live stream events!

We will work on:

> Sales growth + strategy. Sell more than you’ve ever sold!

> Management + Leadership skills. Learn how to think like a leader + become a goal accomplishing boss- the new it girl with your team, your clients, and within your industry.

> Generate more buzz with a refreshed Business Structure, services + products.

> Invigorate your Brand style + presence with originality, depth, and new creative ENERGY!

> Improve your confidence and your accomplishments with Mindset + Motivation

> Get organized with clean and simplified Systems + Processes

> Grow your business reputation with a thoughtful Client experience + Business reputation that creates an unforgettable and lasting impression.

> Never run out of things to say with this Content creation method

> Take new responsibility and self awareness steps with Goal setting + accountability!

BONUS: Instant Access: A 12 PAGE PDF WORKBOOK with the entire Unstoppable Business Blueprint course outlined + homework ($1200 value)

BONUS: Free FB group membership where you can chat with other people taking this group coaching AND with me each day in the month of December!

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