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Hi, I'm Amanda - Creative biz owner just like you! I'm a Mom, Wife, and x-corporate retail manager. I have been obsessed with all things digital media and marketing since I can remember. When I left my job to have babies I started a side business selling vintage apparel. I quickly noticed a lot of mistakes small business owners were making online, and I knew I could help.  Once I paired my decade worth of business management experience and an eye for innovative visuals together there was MAGIC!! Now, I help small business owners find their magic too!

Find clarity in your branding. Hooray House Studio offers visual strategy and brand development for creatives to help them effectively and accurately represent their business online.

THE HOORAY HOUSE MISSION .  My personal passion and commitment is helping other creatives improve their brand identity. I want to help you find your magic, and improve your business with a consistent and clear style. I'm dedicated to helping you grow in an organic way with original branding that speaks from the heart and resonates with your unique audience.